I Will Deliver for Sierra Leone

Politicians get a bad name nowadays. We shouldn’t be surprised at that!

Because most of the time it’s well deserved. Ask your average Sierra Leone citizen what they think of politicians and you get the same complaints: they’re in it for themselves. They never deliver. They never tell the truth.

It’s the same worldwide: we are all committed to democracy, we’re just not that impressed by the politicians that democracy produces!

So I say in all humility that, while I understand the public dissatisfaction with politicians, I believe I can do better.

Why? Because unlike normal politicians, I have actually already delivered on my promises. I have put my hand in my own pocket to pay for four new agric-education centres in Sierra Leone, institutions that will pave the way for innovative new ways to grow the food our fellow citizens desperately need.

Because unlike normal politicians, I don’t promise what I can’t deliver. If something isn’t possible, I’ll tell you so and I’ll explain why. I refuse to make promises just to win your support because that risks making politicians’ reputations even worse.

Because I’m in politics for what I can contribute, not for what I can get out of it. And I’m not being sanctimonious or self-regarding: it’s a simple matter of fact that we have been disastrously badly served by politicians in our country’s history. Just as my own record of charitable giving and getting my hands dirty for my fellow citizens is a matter of public record.

We should expect leaders to demonstrate their commitment to our country, not by their words, because words are cheap. What have they actually done for Sierra Leone? What has been their contribution so far? Because if someone has already put in the work, that surely counts for a lot more than someone who talks a good game but has never picked up a shovel to help out his neighbour.

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