Forward Together!

I am today declaring my intention to stand as flagbearer for the All People’s Congress (APC), and the next President of Sierra Leone. 

I do so surrounded by my brothers and sisters in Pujehan, the district from which my ancestors hail and to which my heart belongs. 

My message is a simple but powerful one. We must unite our great Party and bring hope to our people. 

My entire adult life has been dedicated to bringing peace to our nation and building a better Sierra Leone. I have put myself at personal risk to help end the internal conflict that was tearing our people apart. I have served our nation and enhanced our reputation around the world. I have invested in ground-breaking agricultural projects which bring food security to our people. 

But the time has now come for me to take a more central role in building a better future for Sierra Leone. 

My message is a simple but powerful one.

We must unite our great Party and bring hope to our people.

This is a challenging time for the APC, the Party which of which I was a founding member and that I have supported for three decades, in good times and bad. Internal disputes and factionalism are destabilising the Party to the dismay of our supporters, who wish to see us focus on the critical election which is just months away. 

I have the utmost respect for my comrades who have already announced their intentions, and I pay tribute to them. But I believe I am the candidate best placed to unify our Party: North and South, Muslim and Christian and across tribal identities. Only if we unite as a Party can we take on the incumbent President, and change our country for the better. 

I believe that, if we stand united, we will win in June and be able to deliver for our people. Together, we are strong. That is why my campaign message is ‘Forward Together’. 

In the coming weeks and months I will set out further details of my positive vision for Sierra Leone. This will focus on five key priorities: 

  1. Tackling corruption; 
  2. Reforming the mining industry so it benefits us all; 
  3. Transforming agriculture so we achieve food security;
  4. Ensuring all young Sierra Leoneans can access an education; 
  5. Building a stronger healthcare system.


I will shortly embark on our tour of our beautiful country to spread this message of unity and hope. I look forward to meeting my brothers and sisters across Sierra Leone to seek their support.

I have a dedicated campaign page, with more information about my bid to become APC Flagbearer.

Together, we can achieve anything. Forward Together!

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