About Omrie

Omrie Golley is a businessman, lawyer, philanthropist and former politician working and living in Sierra Leone.

He is fiercely committed to helping the people of Sierra Leone construct a new, more prosperous future for themselves, and his entire adult life has been dedicated to bringing peace to our nation and building a better Sierra Leone.

“Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world, but it doesn’t have to be like this. As a country we have plenty natural resources but as a people we have an indomitable spirit, and that is our real resource. Our humour, our determination to look after each other, our fierce pride in our country – not just as it is but how it can be in the future – will secure a future we can be proud of, of that I am absolutely certain.”

Omrie Golley wearing a beige polo neck and black jumper looks towards his left and into the middle distance

Forward Together!

I am today declaring my intention to stand as flagbearer for the All People’s Congress (APC), and the next President of Sierra Leone.  I do

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Refusing to Settle

Images that were circulated on Twitter last week have caused distress across the world. But the real tragedy is that to Sierra Leonans ourselves, those

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The task is to turn a new page in our nation’s history. To forge a new Sierra Leone that draws a line under the misery, division and poverty of the past, and shapes a new future for ourselves and our children.”